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We provide exceptional products and use aquaponics to improve lives in urban and rural communities by utilising traditional concepts, local materials and modern technologies.


Fun Way to Learn

A hands-on kit is a great tool for a classroom to learn about ecology, food, electronics, fish, farming, and more.

Smart Aquaponics allows students to interact with these basic systems from a data point of view.


The purpose is to strengthen fundamental concepts as compared to introducing new curriculum.




Kits are available now

Perfect for schools and students - 2.5 gallon tank and a small garden box. With Sensors!


Data-Driven Food

Grow nutritious micro-greens, tomatoes,

and other crops while monitoring your garden

remotely through the cloud.


Smart Gardens capture data and let you know how your garden is doing

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Hands-on Workshops

Learn to make your own Smart Gardens in a day-long, hands-on workshop.


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