Aquaponics addresses the moral of the Lorax because it reduces the impacts of pollution and provides a healthy source of food. According to my prior knowledge about aquaponics, Aquaponics uses no soil to grow its food, fishes are the fertilizer and chemicals, such as pesticides are not used. This addresses the moral of the Lorax because food can be grown without unnecessary problems. In connection with Oakland , there is an overabundance of liquor stores and fast food which increases the health problems. Aquaponics pertains to the natural environment made with technology to help keep the environment healthy. According to my prior knowledge,aquaponics causes no pollution, its a built environment that does not waste water, everything is recycled and the system creates food that it is transported across the country. This part of the production process, creates gases that are pollutants and hurt the environment. This addresses the moral of the Lorax because it does not use any form of transportation that causes pollution. Economics is a huge issue in Oakland. Money wouldn’t be a big issue because when the aquaponics system is built it provides healthy food that reduces the amount of money spent on groceries.    

 by Ronye’ Cooper