A unique controller name is required for visualizing you sensor data remotely. By default your board name is build from the number found on the sticky tag on the back of your board is the unique. For example if your board number is 31, then the default board name is kj_v2_31. You don’t have to change this if you would rather not use a personalized name for this.

To change your host name, login to the device’s admin console using an ethernet cable and DHCP assigned IP address ( or using your wifi IP address as shown in the connecting to wifi article. The default user name is root and password is tempV2pwd or whatever it was changed to.

rootLuciLoginat the status page, click on ‘System’ in the menu bar, then ‘System’ again from the dropdown option list.

in the System window click on and change the ‘Hostname’ variable to your new hostname and click ‘Save & Apply’ as shown below

hostnameReboot your system through the reboot option in the bottom of the ‘System’ menu option or by depressing your power switch to have then new hostname take effect.

If your controller is connected to the network, you can then check for your  new hostname here under the device listing