11 Apr 2012

evolution of our smart aquaponic garden controllers

aquaponics controller evolution process. ... from breadboard, wooden enclosures to glowing cases . ... will be ready for production soon ... remotely manage your aquaponics garden using your phone ... get tweet alerts from you garden. click on tweeter feeds from garden to see more.

21 Jan 2012

smart controller – sneek preview … enclosure prototype

straight from the laser cutting press. version 1 is almost ready for production ... working on enclosure. 8 sensors - water flow rate, fish tank level, gb level, drainage flow switch, reservoir level, leak detector, temperature and light 4 relay outputs for controlling fish pump, reservoir pump(or ro filter solenoid),...

16 Dec 2011

What Is Smart Aquaponics?

I have been experimenting with soil-less gardening and recycling water systems for a while now. These kinds of technologies are definitely easier, more practical and efficient for me to work with than other forms of traditional farming. Aquaponics, which include a stable population of fish to fertilize plants is even...

26 Aug 2011

sacramento black fish

our increasing exotic taste buds have resulted in neglect of local native fish. this has also led to the demise of traditional native recipes as ... native fish tend to be considered cheap fish. using local fish is sustainable ... so ... sacramento black fish it is. ... these are...