09 Feb 2017

my first arduino

i was a starving entrepreneur when i passed outside anca's place on 14th street 6 years ago. the sight of all the food stopped me. the room was full of people talking among themselves and nobody was eating - i crashed the party. i still remember the desert fruit cake when i...

09 Feb 2016

kijani seedlings spring integrated program

this spring break, we are opening our doors to 10 people - high schoolers or college students to spent a week geeking out with us at our offices and workshop at american steel studios. we will spent the week exploring some potential solutions to basic human needs such as hunger...

07 Jan 2016

monitoring water quality using a smart v2 controller

my favorite  xmas presents included  the tentacle shield, water quality kit probes and electronics i received  from atlas-scientific as well as whitebox labs.  i have used atlas devices for a while and even tried to create my own interface boards like the one shown below i had numerous production challenges...

30 Dec 2015

springtails a close-up of my garden showing springtails below wikipedia says they are the largest of modern hexapods that are not considered insects because they have internal mouthparts  they are called springtails because they have an spring loaded appendage folded underneath them for jumping  when threatened. that is the long...

24 Dec 2015

winter solstice – starting data collection

i spent a lot time about 2 degrees south of the equator where the days and nights are about the same length. the seasonal variations in  the length of day light in the northern hemisphere has always thrown off my internal clock. the darkness in the day still confuse me...