05 Oct 2017

S[w]@G: Smart Wicked Aquaponics Garden

[caption id="attachment_5289" align="alignnone" width="300"] Hardware & Software;)[/caption] so I'm building Bostons 1st Kijani Grows 35gallon Wicked Smart aquaponics garden... lets just call it "swag" for short. Swag is definitely getting customized a tad, mostly because it will be both our indoor home garden & transportable demo garden. This means it...

09 Apr 2017


Uchi Mata is considered the “Throw of Kings” and made my good friend Chuma Soita invincible in competitive judo. Chuma broke his neck executing this technique in a tournament and became paralyzed immediately. I still remember trying to comfort him when he asked me ‘Am I going to die’ and...

09 Feb 2017

my first arduino

i was a starving entrepreneur when i passed outside anca's place on 14th street 6 years ago. the sight of all the food stopped me. the room was full of people talking among themselves and nobody was eating - i crashed the party. i still remember the desert fruit cake when i...