06 May 2019

The story behind Mandela Grocery and Red Bay Coffee

Behind the core, social business operations of Mandela Grocery and Red Bay Coffee are tiny rooms. Tiny rooms with large trash cans. This is where this story begins - at the end where everything is finished ... or is it? It is called green waste because it is almost alive...

26 Sep 2018

A Gift For Writing

The other day I was in a writing mood and got a gift for it. A fun pen knife from instructables For writing this article ... Then I started feeling hot and wrote a spicier one But serious .. how does one carry this on their belt .....

29 Jan 2018

Greenhouse Control and Monitoring Systems

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure inside which plants are grown in a controlled environment. But plants naturally want to be outside, and that is where they do best. So a good greenhouse creates the best outside environment for plants, inside. This means it is necessary to understand plant needs...

04 Jan 2018

Yam Propagation, Monitoring And Visualizing

Yam yields have decreased as a result of disease and bad seed. We designed and prototyped this for rural farmers in Nigeria. The objective of this project is to address some of those issues by using hydroponics for propagation of seedlings by tissue culture clones and plant cuttings. A further...

09 Apr 2017


Uchi Mata is considered the “Throw of Kings” and made my good friend Chuma Soita invincible in competitive judo. Chuma broke his neck executing this technique in a tournament and became paralyzed immediately. I still remember trying to comfort him when he asked me ‘Am I going to die’ and...

09 Feb 2016

kijani seedlings spring integrated program

this spring break, we are opening our doors to 10 people - high schoolers or college students to spent a week geeking out with us at our offices and workshop at american steel studios. we will spent the week exploring some potential solutions to basic human needs such as hunger...

07 Jan 2016

monitoring water quality using a smart v2 controller

my favorite  xmas presents included  the tentacle shield, water quality kit probes and electronics i received  from atlas-scientific as well as whitebox labs.  i have used atlas devices for a while and even tried to create my own interface boards like the one shown below i had numerous production challenges...