21 Jan 2012

smart controller – sneek preview … enclosure prototype

straight from the laser cutting press. version 1 is almost ready for production ... working on enclosure. 8 sensors - water flow rate, fish tank level, gb level, drainage flow switch, reservoir level, leak detector, temperature and light 4 relay outputs for controlling fish pump, reservoir pump(or ro filter solenoid),...

16 Dec 2011

What Is Smart Aquaponics?

I have been experimenting with soil-less gardening and recycling water systems for a while now. These kinds of technologies are definitely easier, more practical and efficient for me to work with than other forms of traditional farming. Aquaponics, which include a stable population of fish to fertilize plants is even...

26 Aug 2011

sacramento black fish

our increasing exotic taste buds have resulted in neglect of local native fish. this has also led to the demise of traditional native recipes as ... native fish tend to be considered cheap fish. using local fish is sustainable ... so ... sacramento black fish it is. ... these are...

22 Aug 2011

wow – second place …. the power of a team

so we went to our first hackathon at the summer of smart. teamed up with some amazing folks to build an application for urban agriculture in 48 hours. the team put a front end dash board and interactive garden mapping for our gardening projects from live data being streamed from our...

17 Jun 2011

not for farmers – zoning permits

what can $500 get a farmer in oakland ... information that .... our two projects, the aquaponics entrepreneurial project and one of our secret projects are going to cost us an additional $6500 in zoning permits to the city of oakland - a two month process. for: a design review...