30 Dec 2015

springtails a close-up of my garden showing springtails below wikipedia says they are the largest of modern hexapods that are not considered insects because they have internal mouthparts  they are called springtails because they have an spring loaded appendage folded underneath them for jumping  when threatened. that is the long...

24 Dec 2015

winter solstice – starting data collection

i spent a lot time about 2 degrees south of the equator where the days and nights are about the same length. the seasonal variations in  the length of day light in the northern hemisphere has always thrown off my internal clock. the darkness in the day still confuse me...

30 Sep 2015

measuring pH, EC, or even DO,OPR using a v2 controller

i enjoy looking at things i cannot see - such as concentrations of soluble solids in water. in such instances i really appreciate the power of visualization even more. we use atlas-scientific sensors often and the following tutorial is on how to use atlas-scientifics pH and EC sensors using a...

17 Jul 2015

configuring a v2 based smart aquaponics garden

system configuration once the sensors from the garden are connected to the v2 controller board, we are ready for system configuration. we will configure host names, time zones and wifi. at which point the raw data from the sensors should be ready for remote visualization through the api. configuring a...

12 Jul 2015

building a v2 based smart aquaponics garden

aquaponics uses bacteria to break down fish waste to grow plants without soil in a recirculating water system. smart aquaquaponics allows you to use your computer or mobile devices to visualize and control your aquaponics garden remotely. a typical garden is shown below: in this post we will looking at...