09 Jul 2015

connecting sensors to a v2 controller

Sensor types: V2 smart controllers support different sensors including digital sensors(eg a float switch), analogue sensors(eg photocell),  1-wire sensor(temperature), i2c, serial and usb based sensors The v2 board can interface most of  these directly without any extra external circuitry. Connecting digital sensors connecting digital sensors to v2 controllers using internal...

11 Feb 2015

visualizing munchies and me junking out

i love flowers .. all shapes, all sizes, all colors ... above all(most) scents. sometimes it is the only thing i grow ... in my shamba. coming to  thinking about it, i think i choose a science pathway because of flowers, but that is a story for another day. i...

16 Jan 2015


i had multiple milestones yesterday. some enormous ones lost me in the future. in the numbness of the present, all i could think about was teachers that taught and helped me learn. i think i was escaping reality, redirecting my mind from the fact that i received a shipment full...

28 Dec 2014

visualizing myself freezing

the last two weeks of the year normally sets the trends for my next year. my new year generally starts just before xmas which means my focus is renewed and runs deep during the holidaze. this results in numerous all nighters and traditionally i have always designed something new and...

10 Nov 2014

The Benefit of an Internship

Kijani Grows is an aquaponics company so one may expect to learn aquaponics farming through an internship with them. However, though the success of the farms is the ultimate goal of the work, you will actually learn or draw upon a breadth of knowledge that goes far beyond farming. A...

26 Sep 2014

smart controller evolution … v2 coming soon

we ran into production related challenges and had to reconsider numerous scenarios. we pivoted some and our new v2 smart controllers boards are just about ready. v2 comes with inbuilt linux microcomputer controlling an atmega2560 microcontroller, 20+ digital sensors, 10 analogue, 3 uarts, i2c, 12 relay controls, wifi, eth, mini...

12 Apr 2014

Heartbleed openssl bug … v1.3 smart controller patch

Our smart controllers were running a version of openssl that was affected by the heartbleed bug consider 'the biggest security vulnerability of all time' as an attacker can remotely connect and steal encryption keys or data from processes in memory. Our production and development servers were not affected as they...

13 Mar 2014

diy aquaponics class review – by jason axt

Jason Axt from Sweet Water Foundation took my DIY class the other day ... this was his feedback. In my defense - I had 2 nine year old's in  my classroom as I  did  among others Kamal Hyder the author of ' 'embedded system design using the rabbit 3000 microprocessor'...

30 Jan 2014

aquaponics and squares

The year is in full swing and we are back on the guns2garden project with the kids. New kids around this time as all former students are no longer in the school because: some families relocated to other safer neighborhoods, others had to change schools to makeup for lost credits,...