18 Sep 2012

howto build a smart aquaponics garden: (101)

There are numerous possibilities for growbeds. Wooden growbeds have to be water proofed usually by using a rubber pond liner. We fiber glass our wooden smart aquaponic garden growbeds using Pond Shield a non toxic epoxy liquid liner The trick to a long lasting liquid lining is a firm structure....

13 Sep 2012

Permaculture and Organic Farming in Xela

The OSOG group in Xela, Guatemala had the opportunity the other day to visit the El Infinito headquarters and have project manager Juan Pablo show us around.  Juan Pablo talked to the students about concepts like permaculture, including leveraging particular plants as natural insecticides, composting and malnutrition issues in Guatemala....

21 Aug 2012

New One School One Garden (OSOG) Pages

We've just posted more information about our educational program, One School One Garden (OSOG). The pilot project has been launched at Castlemont High School in Oakland with the sister project coming to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala soon. The goal of OSOG is to use Smart Aquaponics to connect students around the world...

04 Aug 2012

Thoughts from the Ground in Xela, Guatemala

We recently had our first interchange between the students from Castlemont high school in Oakland and El Infinito in Guatemala.  The groups chatted about topics ranging from agricultural sustainability to environmental issues to food cultures in our respective places.  Estuardo, a local 19-year-old volunteer with us in Guatemala had the...

02 Aug 2012

Aquaponic Garden and My Life With It

Hi Everyone. My name is Teresita. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Oakland, CA. Ever since I was in Middle school I wanted to go to Japan and have a good experience there. I also want to be  a art teacher for elementary children. When I was little I...

27 Jul 2012

pueblo shoots

The seeds were sprinkled on top on Friday by the Oakland kids - the pic was taken on Wednesday. Seedlings and transplants are shown.

22 Jul 2012

a smart garden in oakland, a twin garden in guatemala

now that our v1.1 iot controller prototypes are becoming robust, the possibilities and opportunities they present through smart gardens are enormous. our first fun application is through our educational program 'one school one garden' pairing sister schools with an internet based hands-on "learning to learn" curriculum. we are testing this...