You need a well thought out design, especially for the things you cannot see – the bacteria. That means correctly sized aquaculture components, proper mechanical and biological filtration, and sufficiently sized hydroponic garden. To cut a long design story short, we will be using a media based reciprocating system with a 1:1 ratio – this is relatively safe from mistakes. Gravel will be used for the mechanical filter and as hydroponic media. The grow bed is designed to function as a trickle filter meaning gravel is again used as biological filtration media ie. bacteria colonies will culture on the gravel.

The other key design criteria is safety as these gardens are designed for our One School One Garden OSOG program. The gardens will be in a relatively unpredictable environment – others may interact with the gardens differently. So mechanical strength and the integrity of materials is important.

The OSOG smart garden prototype we build in this series is shown below:

Overview specs for this is shown below: