Aquaponics is a revolutionary agricultural concept and a remarkable hands–on teaching and learning opportunity. An aquaponics system can be used to demonstrate various principles taught across the standard curriculum:

  • science/math/technology of low-tech/high-yield gardening and farming
  • basic biology of plants, their cycles and structure, earth science issues regarding the environment
  • societal and critical thinking issues regarding food production/distribution

To create a network of excited and motivated students communicating with each other, we are developing an Internet link between participating schools so both students and teachers can share ideas and projects.

How do I bring aquaponics into my school/classroom?

This is where Kijiji Grows comes in.

You will need a system, and our designer is a computer engineer who for a decade has designed state-of-art, long lasting food-growing systems. Kijiji Grows aquaponic systems are not complicated, they come complete with everything needed to start an aquaponics classroom lab, and one can be up and running in a single day, presenting both teacher and students with a gradual learning curve. We deliver and assemble the system, connect to electricity, add the water, the fish, the plant seedlings, and the system is in operation.

Our system is durable and well constructed, mobile, efficiently sized, and easy to operate and maintain.

Kijiji Grows provides training and support! We conduct 2–day Teacher Training Sessions at our location in the Temescal district of Oakland, California, where we do hands-on demonstrations of the system, planting of seedlings in grow beds, fish care and feeding, and share points about general system maintenance.