After you build the kit and populate your aquarium with fish, it will take about a month for the system to cycle and develop sufficient beneficial bacteria. Expect your first crop to be relatively small.
You will need a computer and access to a WiFi network. Your smart garden will connect to the network to store data and send alerts.
Using wifi is an easy way to collect and send data from the v2 controller. The following steps show how to connect your v2 controller to a wifi network
A unique device name is required for data visualization. the following steps allow you to configure your unique hostname
Simple digital sensors have two wires and they can be used interchangeably. Identify one of the Digital input pins on your V2 smart controller. These are labeled as just numbers and are not prefixed with an A. You can see a full pinout diagram here. Place one of the wires into a gnd port on your V2 smart controller. Place the other into the Digital input pin and press the arduino mega reset button. You can now view the output of your digital sensor on Grafana.
The v2 controller has on board interface circuitry that allows it to support most sensor types including digital, analogue, serial, 1-wire, i2c and even usb based sensors. water quality sensors can be connected easily as well. work easy with the v2 .Information on how to connect typical sensors to a v2 controller board can be found here
The default username is ‘root’ and the default password is ‘tempV2pwd’ without the quotes.
You will need a 9+-48v dc power adapter (with inside of power jack being positive). You will also need an ethernet cable and computer with an ethernet port (or usb ethernet adapter). Finally you need credentials to your wifi network.
Congratulations on getting a new v2 smart controller. You can use your v2 control board for any supervisory control and data acquisition application through the Internet.The following steps will allow you to remotely visualize sensors using our v2 platform and api’s.
- power the v2 control board using a 9v-48v dc power adapter (inside positive)
- using an ethernet cable connect your v2 board to your wifi network using the web admin console
- assign your v2 controller a unique name
- add and connect your sensors to the v2 controller
- check that your v2 controller’s data is available through the device listing
The v2 smart controller costs $98 including taxes, shipping and handling.
Directly through our website using the Buy Now tab
The v2 smart controller is a combined linux arduino single board computer designed for physical world computing. It supports more than 50 different sensors from your application and can control 12 things directly, has onboard wifi, usb video and many other hardware features. It comes with all software and backend platform to allow you to visualizing any sensors instantly through the internet. It is designed for those that want to interact with their application’s IoT data instead of messing around with hardware

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