just like a v2 controller … you really don’t have to follow the advice … it maybe a good idea to check though when you get interesting alerts.

guess what i found, we had acid or bacterial rain .. or something caused my water to go acidic. these grow beds and sump are uncovered outdoors. it’s sneaky rainy season as you can see in the graph when the humidity suddenly climbs from the moisture in the air and as the ambient temperature drop. this garden has a 5000 gallon fish tank and you can see the temperature buffer well. orp drops suddenly. normal tap water, bottled water, rain water, and so forth, have a positive orp generally between 200-400 mV,8

something in the water was reduced, most likely micro bacterial matter introduced by the rainfall – perhaps from the top dry 1″ layer of gravel on the growbed – orp dropped as the oxidizing capability of the fish tank water stole electrons from something – unwanted pathogens. in the graphs below, orp is the trigger that caused the ph drop. my humble thoughts anyway, wish  i could really understand better why the ph dropped suddenly.