There is a map of V2 Smart Controllers currently running around the world,

You may navigate through the other projects implemented based on V2 Smart Controller just pressing KijaniGrows Logo, and find many useful information there.

To add your own location and information to the Kijani Grows Map you need to access your profile first, at Than browse to “Edit Device Settings” Page and Fill your information there. The most important part is the location, that is characterized by longitude and latitude. The easiest way to get your coordinates is to use google maps and google has a guide on how to get it:


On that picture you can see the page itself and my garden location, which I have got from google. You should write it in Decimal degrees (DD) as such: 41.40338, 2.17403. Depending on where you are.

After you are done editing your information you just press “Update” button on the bottom of the same page.


Done! Now you may check maps page, as a result you will get you location marked on the map: