this spring break, we are opening our doors to 10 people – high schoolers or college students to spent a week geeking out with us at our offices and workshop at american steel studios. we will spent the week exploring some potential solutions to basic human needs such as hunger – handson, through the integration of  gardening, sciences, robotics, software and the internet to bring the power of data into urban farming. notably

  • biomimicry and modeling nature to design gardens using software tools
  • fabricating the gardens using laser cutters and/or cnc routers technologies
  • establish the chemistry and biological environments required to sustain  symbiotic ecologies in our gardens to raise fish and plants
  • convert our physical gardens to data by building and integrating sensors, electronics and micro-controller circuitry into the gardens
  • interacting with our garden remotely by using  internet based software technologies
  • data visualizationsKijani Seedlings Flyer