It was raining heavily, windy and freezing. the man in his hut sheltered by the fireplace. ‘knock knock knock’ socking wet elephant said. “please may I warm my trunk in your hut i am drenched”. Sure said the man and he scooted over and elephant lay his trunk beside the man and fire. After a little while “please may I warm my ears”, and he scooted over … again and again until elephant was inside the hut and man outside in the rain.
I have occupied hyphae design lab’s office for the last 8 months … hyphae is an ecological engineering firm – brent the company’s owner and my friend, poor guy …. I turned his desk into my workshop prototyping bench.
this posting is for saying a big ‘asante’ to brent and hyphae
pic of my office corner is shown below:

my desk 😉

sometimes i sneak and spill over to other desks:

closeup of circuits on my desk – v2 smart controller series in the works ohh … v1 + ph,tds,o2,redux, co2, video. shown in picture a beaglebone, arduino mega, water quality kits with bnc probes etc