We start our new educational program on 7/15 with a school in Oakland and Guatemala.  As promised at 100 ‘likes’ we would  explain how to build a smart aquaponics garden. We decided a fun way to dive further into smart garden design is through an educational program. This is only possible through the Sustainable Urban Design Academy in Oakland (SUDA) and People United for a Better Life in Oakalnd (PUEBLO).

The One School One Garden program uses smart aquaponic gardens to promote environmental education and awareness and to improve food security in the developing world.

Through the OSOG initiative Kijani Grows partners with schools K-12 in the United States and connects them with organizations in developing countries including schools, orphanages and community centers. By purchasing a Kijani Grows OSOG kit, American schools receive a Smart Aquaponics Garden and 10-module curriculum to provide students with a unique hands-on learning experience. Additionally, part of the purchase price will be used to send a similar Smart Aquaponics Garden to the school’s sister organization through which they will run parallel experiments.

OSOG’s about connecting global communities through food and building better cultural understanding and environmental management across youth worldwide to: Improve access to nutritious produce and protein-rich fish; Educate youth about better environmental management and living more sustainably; Promote global education and understanding by connecting students through Web-based aquaponics