The OSOG group in Xela, Guatemala had the opportunity the other day to visit the El Infinito headquarters and have project manager Juan Pablo show us around.  Juan Pablo talked to the students about concepts like permaculture, including leveraging particular plants as natural insecticides, composting and malnutrition issues in Guatemala.   Juan Pablo gave us a tour of their garden, handing out samples of a variety of plans.  Who knew you could eat flowers!?!  The students had quite a time tasting the different veggies and leaves, especially the organic tomatoes.  Que rico! (How rich!) as they would say in Guatemala.

Juan Pablo then took us over to his house where the other El Infinito garden is located and the students planted a variety of lettuce seedlings.  Overall, it was a great field trip and a cool hands-on experience for the students to learn about concepts like permaculture and recycling to take advantage of one’s natural surroundings and environment to produce food – for example, El Infinito’s compost bin is made of used tires, they use old milk cartons and plastic bottles to start seedlings and harvest their own seeds for the next year’s crops.

One of the students, Angela, wrote the following about her experience on the field trip:

When we went to plant the lettuces and everything else we planted, I didn’t love it because they taught us how to do it and because it went quickly but because it was really fun and they gave us a tomato plant.  It’s really pretty and I hope I know how to take care of it.  (Don’t worry, we’ll help you!)

Original Text:

Pues cuando fuimos a sembrar lechugas o lo que sea que fueran todas las que sembramos pues no se me encantó porque nos ensañaron como hacerlo y fue todo muy rápido pero divertido, y nos regalaron una mata de tomate y está muy linda ojala sepa cuidarla.