DIY Smart Aquaponics Workshop


In this two workshop you will build and program YOUR own IOT based smart aquaponics garden.



DIY Smart Aquaponics

In this workshop we will cover:

  • model from nature to understand the basics of aquaponics
  • design, fabricate and build aquaponic gardens using open source tools and laser cutters
  • physical data abstraction, data collection and data logging
  • system configuration and software programming
  • data visualization, alerting and remote control
  • video streaming and time lapse photography

The control system is based of our new smart v2 controller platform capable of:

– remotely monitoring variables such as temperature, light level, sounds, water quality and more.
– automating processes such as turning on and off lights, controlling feeder, controlling water flows, refiling water and more.
– data logging and visualizing data and providing graphical simulations.
– sending real-time alerts using twitter, text, or email.
– Integrating with social networks such as facebook and twitter.
– streaming video, motion detection and time-lapse photography.


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