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DIY Smart Controller Workshop


In this workshop you will build and program YOUR own smart IoT controller



In this workshop you will build your OWN open-source IoT system based of our new smart v2 controller platform

Your Smart Controller will be capable of the following:

  • Remotely monitoring variables such as temperature, light level, sounds, and more.
  • Automating processes such as turning on and off lights, raising blinds, controlling water flows, and more.
  • Sending real-time alerts using twitter, text, or email.
  • Logging and visualizing data and providing graphical simulations.
  • Integrating with social networks such as facebook and twitter.
  • Streaming video, motion detection and time-lapse photography.

The class will focus on system configuration and software programming required to push data from sensors to the Internet and back to control actuators.

We will build an IoT system by configuring and programming the following:

  • Arduino mega 2560 for sensors and actuators
  • Embedded Linux for communication, security and processing (building Linux kernels & configuration scripts)
  • Using “watchdogs” for reliability
  • Node.js, MongoDB & InfluxDB for data logging, visualization, alerting  and remote control.

In the end you will have an IoT system ready for YOUR application.

Prerequisites – familiarity with:

  • arduino programming
  • linux command line
  • python
  • javascript

Students must bring the following:

  • Laptop with a Linux shell (Windows users will need Cygwin)
  • An Ethernet cable (Ethernet connection on computer/usb to Ethernet)

If you have an idea of what you’d like your IOT controller to do, bring your sensors or send us an email after registering for this workshop and we’ll let you know if you may want to bring additional materials!


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