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Jim – Smart Aquaponics Controller


Monitor or control any aquaponics garden system easily using these smart controllers.

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Jim is a smart control, monitoring and alerting platform for visualizing aquaponic grow systems and their climate environments.

Jim uses a broad set of sensors to adapt to any kind of aquaponics garden systems such as, flood and drain gardens, raft or DWC gardens, NFT, CHOP or even dual root zone systems. Jim will easily replace any siphon or other ebb & flow mechanism with a remotely manageable smart grow bed controller allowing:

  • Conversion from a flood and drain configuration to a constantly flooded configuration with a click to reduce heat lose during winter
  • Adjusting how dry the beds become allowing different plants to be grown
  • Turning pumps off when they are noisy at night or during leak emergencies
  • Increasing the flow rate when the dissolved oxygen is low during summer

Think of Jim as that dependable friend you can count on 24/7 to watch your garden. Jim:

  • Monitors water levels, water flows, pumps, flood cycles, water quality and environmental climate conditions
  • Controls pumps, lights, refilling systems. feeders, heaters and other accessories
  • Offers rich, powerful visualizations that offer insights into garden operation and production processes
  • Create and send out alerts using twitter, email or text for potential operational problems
  • Offers video stream, time-lapsing with pan and tilt camera
  • Is very easy to use, requires only WiFi and does not need programming
  • Is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world using your phoneDifferent configuration of the Jim controller are shown below

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