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Jimmy – Smart Hydroponics Controller


Jimmy is an integrated grow assistant that will monitor greenhouse environmental conditions, plant conditions and the status of greenhouse equipment. Jimmy will control greenhouse climate equipment, dosing and fertilization for aquaponics, hydroponics or soil based grow environments. Jimmy has powerful visualizations, alerting, and remote control capabilities that will improve efficiency by letting growers focus on higher priority tasks.

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Think of Jimmy as your most dependable friend, the person you can count on 24/7 to assist you with your crop. Jimmy:

  • Monitors and controls the growing climate environment, plant conditions and garden equipment
  • Provides insight  on various factors to improve the quantity and quality of production
  • Creates production reports and notifications and tools for harvesting and vendors
  • Creates time lapse photography documenting production from seed to harvest

Monitoring and controlling, Jimmy:

  • Combines a greenhouse equipment controller, an environment climate monitor, a nutrient doser and video camera allowing you to easily monitor and control your greenhouse from the system’s dashboard reducing errors and optimizing production.
  • Monitors and controls any greenhouse device, shading, irrigation system or hydroponic garden eliminating the need to purchase and manage multiple systems and accessories for greenhouse management.

Providing insight, Jimmy:

  • Offers  rich, powerful visualizations and a dashboard that makes it easy for the farmer to quickly gain insight into the production process and, if necessary, instantly adjust production variables.
  • Facilitates data analysis, and trend identification into greenhouse productivity – allowing the farmer implement operational decisions, saving time and money.

Reporting, Jimmy:

  • Establishes alerts, using twitter, text, email or voice, eliminating the need to constantly monitor production reducing the potential for production problems.
  • Tracks and reports growing conditions from seed to harvest – providing comprehensive documentation on the quality and condition of production.

Documenting, Jimmy:

  • Offers video streaming and time-lapse photography capabilities using a pan-tilt camera for seed to harvest allowing farmer vendors and customers a transparent view.
  • Inbuilt RFID reader facilitates tracking plants for batch or individual product tracking and produce stories – allowing customers to track production and remain connected with the source of their products.

Other important features of Jimmy . . .

  • It is easy to use, requires no programming and requires only a WIFI password to start — users can start immediately without complicated device programming
  • Advanced monitoring and control algorithms for accuracy and precision allow the system to learn, flag abnormalities and make recommendations (or adjustments).
  • Secure internet encryption technologies using Linux bring industrial grade data security to your greenhouse control system.
  • A live interactive help desk and support with a proactive live help desk helps identify issues with greenhouse devices and the production environment.

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