SMART aquaponics is soil-less garden that uses fish waste for fertilizer, and is an example of biomimcry. According to what i’ve learned in class, and a film about Kijani Grows, fish provide the fertilizer and food for the plant on the grow bed. The aquaponic garden mimics the process of growing food or farming; without soil. This is important because the food access in East Oakland is limited to liquor stores, which cost less, but is an unhealthy choice. Growing food without soil is more efficient and healthy. Some advantages not using soil is it doesn’t attract insects or grow unneeded weeds. According to the Kijani Grows film, SMART aquaponics can be managed by a phone or the internet. Sensors are connected to the garden and can show if and when the tank is full or not following. This is important and beneficial to the community because learning about aquaponics and getting everyone involved is beneficial to the future. When knowing about aquaponics technology is a huge factor as the world grows so will the technology. Using technology such as a smart phone, can limit the amount of time having to spend in garden. Therefore, the aquaponics system can be improved. SMART aquaponics is more efficient and a easy way to grow fresh healthy food
by Ronye Cooper