29 Jan 2018

Greenhouse Control and Monitoring Systems

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure inside which plants are grown in a controlled environment. But plants naturally want to be outside, and that is where they do best. So a good greenhouse creates the best outside environment for plants, inside. This means it is necessary to understand plant needs...

21 Feb 2013

Aquaponics= The Lorax

Aquaponics addresses the moral of the Lorax because it reduces the impacts of pollution and provides a healthy source of food. According to my prior knowledge about aquaponics, Aquaponics uses no soil to grow its food, fishes are the fertilizer and chemicals, such as pesticides are not used. This addresses...

04 Feb 2013

Tamara’s observation

Radish observation In class we were making a description on a plant that we picked from our Aquaponic garden My observation was a radish Stem is hard Leaves not fully grown Some leaves are soft Some leaves are hard Some leaves are prickly Radish is not grown yet Some leaves...

11 Jan 2013

Students at the Sustainable Urban Design Academy (SUDA), Castlemont High School Engage in Aquaponics

As part of the Sustainable Urban Design Academy (SUDA) at Castlemont High School in East Oakland students are using a Kijani Grows SMART Aquaponic garden to learn about biomimicry, closed systems, sustainable food systems and environmental design. More to come from students soon! If you are interested in learning more...

21 Jan 2012

smart controller – sneek preview … enclosure prototype

straight from the laser cutting press. version 1 is almost ready for production ... working on enclosure. 8 sensors - water flow rate, fish tank level, gb level, drainage flow switch, reservoir level, leak detector, temperature and light 4 relay outputs for controlling fish pump, reservoir pump(or ro filter solenoid),...