We recently had our first interchange between the students from Castlemont high school in Oakland and El Infinito in Guatemala.  The groups chatted about topics ranging from agricultural sustainability to environmental issues to food cultures in our respective places.  Estuardo, a local 19-year-old volunteer with us in Guatemala had the following thoughts after our discussion:


I think the themes that they (the Oakland students) discussed are very interesting and it’s a great experience to converse with peers from different cultures.  Because in doing so we can have deeper, more profound thoughts and exchange ideas…We can learn a ton from other cultures and we can learn ways to create our own projects to protect our environment, therefore improving our nutrition and way of life!  I hope that they continue with projects like this because they help us learn a lot from each other!

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Pienso que los temas que tratan son muy interesantes, y son muy buenas experiencias el conversas con chicos de diferentes culturas! porque así podemos tener pensamientos mas amplios y cambiar pensamientos!.. Podemos aprender tanto de otras culturas y podemos aprender formas de como crear nuestros propios proyectos para cuidar nuestro medio ambiente y así mejorar nuestra alimentación y forma de vida! espero sigan con proyectos como estos! porque ayudan mucho al saber de todos nosotros!.