the process of adjusting aquaponic gardens (especially with multiple beds) requires patience. if you have 3 beds that take 15 minutes to individually flood, it means it will take at least 45 minutes before you can see if the cycle was successful, then you make a change and wait for another 45 minutes. in traditional aquaponics adjustments usually mean playing with cold water, siphons, float switches, timers etc.

it is easier with smart aquaponics garden … you can let it run, collect data then make your adjustments remotely … while at lake tahoe.

it took 2 (cron) timing adjustments to optimize flood cycles for the eco village garden. in future such adjustments will be automatic or through drop down menu’s rather than from the command line as in the example shown here.

the following graph is for the first three garden cycles (each cycle is 60mins) and the two adjustments required to optimize the bed flows.

100 means the growbed is 100% full (it is flooding) …  0% is empty (drained) … these are flood and drain gardens – the negative values are forms of electronic noise

the following graphs shows the garden a few hours later after optimization. the sensor on the blue grow bed (red graph) is noisy … physical calibration should fix this.

will post url for this shortly.