the garden at the eco village has 3 grow beds and is a hack of the v1 controller designed for one growbed. some upgrades (code, sensors & electronics) were needed to customize this.  just added another 5 sensors to this yesterday.

i have been able to call in some problems remotely for some issues to be fixed by brian at that end – mostly debris in the indexing valves (nets were put around the pumps and this has not been a problem since then).
created live graphs of the growbed sensor data and was able to catch various internal problems – (internal – means it would not really be easy to catch these the garden was not a smart garden … leave along figuring these out remotely).

the live graphs gave the first clues:

the plots are for level sensors in the gb … interpreted as:

  • green gb appears ok
  • blue gb fills slows and drains quick … the stand pipe needs a quick adjustment(built into design) to slow the water some, the sensor needs calibration which i can do remotely by conditioning the data,
  • black gb did not fill long enough … i wonder why. – the stand pipe appears is well adjusted.

just to make sure everything was working as expected i checked out the graphical simulation for this … i can see the sensors and garden relationship better with this view:

every appeared to work as expected. (the graphic is still for a single growbed but the sensor values are overloaded with extra data from the 3 bed garden)

next, checked the raw arduino messages  through the serial port. the json data is enriched further by by the router before transmission to remote db servers. this is shown below – notice the padded fields mapping the new garden type.

still no problem or cause of the black gb operating as it is … i checked the crontab  listing and … i found my problem:

do you think you can find it in the screen below?

one of the jobs is set to go for 15 mins while the others are doing 10 mins

will fix this remotely  … then will continue with the smart garden diagnosis in another blog … i suspect i still have one more problem i have not found yet probably with the garden itself.

smart garden farming is fun …