connecting 1-wire temperature sensors

The 1-wire protocol allows us to connect numerous 1-wire sensors on the same digital pin since the individual 1-wire sensors are addressable. 1-wire temperature sensors have 3 pins, a power line(red), ground(black/green) and data line (yellow/white) in the diagram below.wiringTempSensorswitching on parasitic resistors

A  4.7k parasitic resistor  is required between the data line and power line with this temperature sensor as shown below:

Connecting 1-wire digital sensors to a v2 controllers is also very easy as well. There are 6 pins D26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 that have an on-board switch-able 4.7k parasitic resistor connected.

Pin D26 will be used for connecting the temperature sensor to the v2 controller as shown below. The switch 1 is flicked onto the ON side to activate the 4.7k parasitic resistor on the v2 controller as shown below:

This is shown below with the sensor wires connected on the board