The micro computer on the smart aquaponic gardens is very powerful. We designed this so we could reuse it’s extra power doing other things. That was how we won the solar hackathon. We basically added an extension module to the garden smart control that unobtrusively monitors and measures power usage in the house. If the home is connected to solar panels then the garden will give live alerts and let you know the best time to use power efficiently. e.g. A tweet from the garden alerting that if you wait another 30 minutes you could run the dishwasher for free if you turned it on when it was not sunny. Other possibilities include a garden for seniors; not only does it supply grandpa with fresh nutritious health produce at home, it can alert you if grandpa is not sleeping, or even not taking his medicine. A garden that doubles up as a home security system. A garden that serves as a dedicated music/video streaming server.