•  If your laptop does not have an ethernet port you will need an usb to ethernet adapter.

Connecting to a WIFI networks

  1. Connect your V2 board to your laptop/computer via ethernet.
  2. Your computer will be assigned an automatic ethernet IP address by the DHCP server in the range 192.168.73.x
  3. if  you are not assigned an IP address check your DHCP configuration for windowsmac and linux computers
  4. Access the admin console using a web browser by entering this address as shown below:  (old builds used
  5. Login to the boards control panel as the user root
  6. The default password is tempV2pwd you may have changed it. It’s the same password you use to ssh into the board.
  7. Select Network > Wifi from the top navigation barwiireless
  8. Select ScanwifiNetworks
  9. Select your Wifi network from the list
  10. Select Join Network
  11. Enter the security credentials for your network
  12. Select SubmitconfirmWifi
  13. Don’t for get to click on Save & Apply to complete the wifi configuration
  14. You should see the status of your wifi network If successful continue. If not double check your security credentials.
  15. Select Status > Overview
  16. Scroll down to the Network section your new IP address is labeled Address  as show belowluciStatus
    • This ip address will be refereed to as V2_wifiIp
  17. You can now disconnect your board from ethernet and use it wirelessly
  18. You can now connect wirelessly to your V2 board
  19. Using ssh via terminal command ‘ssh root@V2_wifiIp’ with the user name and pass you used in /cgi-bin/luci
  20. You can also connect via browser to the control panel at http://V2_wifiIp/cgi-bin/luci/