so we went to our first hackathon at the summer of smart. teamed up with some amazing folks to build an application for urban agriculture in 48 hours. the team put a front end dash board and interactive garden mapping for our gardening projects from live data being streamed from our computer controlled demo garden in west oakland.

a million and one thanks to team kijani grows members . … these guys are amazing … see the initial prototypes for a mobile app on the project and the dash links from the menu bar.

kenneth, maundu, gene, michael, naureen, sarah and marianna. (james was missing in group picture)

they did a great job … i think i blew it with a weak presentation … hey … i only had seven minutes, it takes me a little while to warm up.

much love to the team members and gaffta for the invitation to the event

ohh … and much thanks to enjalot in florida for putting together a django backend and api for querying live garden data … enj is special.